Construction Math Toolbox

Course Overview

The Construction Math Toolbox combines fun, industry-required math lessons with supplemental academic and career guidance information. It was developed by the CCE with numerous state and local partners for the Transition Math Project. The lesson plans align with grade level expectations for 8th, 9th, and 10th grades as a bridge to Essential Academic Learning Requirements identified in the College Readiness Standards.  Teachers can use this toolbox to practice problem solving for the WASL, and to help older students prepare their portfolios and/or culminating projects needed for graduation.

Curriculum Sections

  • Section One: Introduction Section of the Construction Math Toolbox
  • Section Two: Acoustical Ceiling Lesson Plan
  • Section Three: Cost Calculations Lesson Plan
  • Section Four: Cylinder Volume Lesson Plan
  • Section Five: Electricity and Ohm's Law Lesson Plan
  • Section Six: Octagons Lesson Plan
  • Section Seven: Principles of Square Roots Lesson Plan
  • Section Eight: Ratio and Scale Lesson Plan
  • Section Nine: Roofing & Right Triangles Lesson Plan
  • Section Ten: Rule of Quarters Lesson Plan
  • Section Eleven: Soil Excavation Lesson Plan
  • Section Twelve: Academic Resources for Teachers, including helpful websites, homework activities, and construction education events
  • Section Thirteen: Career Guidance Resources for Teachers, including post-secondary and apprenticeship construction program information and construction job descriptions
  • Section Fourteen: The CCE is pleased to present Laying the Foundation: Construction Math.  Teachers and counselors can use this book to help all students consider the range of satisfying career paths in the construction industry and recognize the value of learning through real-world application.  The book is not copyrighted – you are free to copy, distribute for educational purposes, or make derivative works.