Hard Hat Safety

Hard hats are an essential part of head protection. The brain is the body’s command center; it offers the body a way to function and must be protected.  Hard hats are a type of helmets worn in workplaces to protect the head from flying objects, collision impact, debris, and shock.

Hard Hat Functions

  • Protect you from falling objects.
  • Protect your head in case of a fall or bumps into machinery, ductwork, and other structures.
  • Protect you from electrical shocks and burns if it's a non-conductive hat.

Added Bonus

 A hard hat is a convenient place to put stickers and decals, especially for certifications.

Hard Hat Classifications

  • Class-A hard hats are designed to protect the head from falling objects and low voltages.
  • Class-B hard hats protect the head from falling objects and high voltages.
  • Class-C hats do not offer any voltage protection.

Proper Care

In order for your hard hat to take care of you, you need to care for your hat.

  • Always keep your hard hat properly adjusted.
  • Do not cut, bend or heat the hard hat.
  • When you see deep gouges or cracks in the shell, replace the hard hat with a new one.

Proper Wearing

  • Do not wear it backwards.
  • Do not put anything inside your hard hat except your head.
  • Do not try to substitute the hard hat for a “bump cap.” The bump cap will not provide adequate protection from falling objects; just isn’t strong enough.
  • Do not use the hard hat as a stool or a step; doing so weakens the shell of the hard hat. 

Presenter tips

  • Pre-read the Toolbox Talk. Your comfort level and confidence will be higher if you know your topic.
  • Discuss related tasks, work areas or events that make the Toolbox Talk relevant to your job site.
  • Involve the workers by asking questions and input that drives discussion.

Questions for Discussion

  • Did you know that there is a difference between different hard hat classifications?
  • Do you know which type of hard hat that should be worn for the work you are doing?
  • Have you known anyone who has suffered a head injury because they did not wear a hat hat?
  • What important decals have you noticed on a hard hat?