What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a worker training model that helps businesses develop the skilled workforce they need now and for the future. Registered Apprenticeship in Washington is a state-accredited system that includes five primary components:

The 5 Components of Apprenticeship

  • Business Involvement

  • On-the-job Training

  • Related Supplemental Instruction

  • Rewards for Skill Gains

  • National Credential

WATCH: In this webinar you will learn how the 5 components of apprenticeship work together. Hear from subject matter experts in Washington State share their insights and experience with Registered Apprenticeship.


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What employers are saying about Registered Apprenticeship


87% agree that: "Participation in Registered Apprenticeship gives my company a competitive advantage."

Source: Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Apprenticeship Employer Survey, 2017



91% agree that: "I am satisfied with the quality of the journeyperson when they complete an apprenticeship"

Source: Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Apprenticeship Employer Survey, 2017


Registered Apprenticeship is good for business


Helps recruit and develop a highly-skilled workforce


Improves productivity and the bottom line


Reduces turnover costs and increases employee retention


Creates industry-driven training solutions to meet workforce needs


Exploring Apprenticeship

Ready to start an apprenticeship program but not sure where to start? Learn about the basic terminology of apprenticeship and see how easy it can be to sign on as a training agent or even create a new apprenticeship program.

Exploring Apprenticeship is a self-guided interactive presentation hosted by Prezi.


Additional Resources

Learn about apprenticeship programs throughout Washington on the WA Dept. of Labor & Industries Apprenticeship web page.

The Apprenticeship Programs and Standards table contains all the active state-registered apprenticeship programs with links to the program standards for each of those programs.

Contact the nearest Regional Apprenticeship Consultant for questions about apprenticeship.