Ambassador Program  

The Ambassador Program was created to provide more targeted and strategic outreach for the construction industry. The Construction Center of Excellence is continually building the number of volunteers to attend outreach events and share the great career opportunities in the construction industry. The goal is to have capacity for younger, diverse stewards of the crafts available to speak to high school classes, career fairs, veterans events, women events and more. This is also a great professional development and growth opportunity!

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Apprenticeship Programs, Contractors and Ambassadors:

The Ambassador Program is an opportunity for Apprentices and Journeypersons to engage in peer to peer recruitment and act as stewards for their trade. Who should participate: Apprentices or Journeypersons excited about their trade and eager to share the benefits of a career in construction at outreach events while gaining skills in leadership, recruitment and community service. A kit of resources with an informational video has been developed for the Ambassador Program. There are 50 kits across the State available for an Ambassador to “check out” and use at outreach events to give information to attendees. 

Programs that participate in the Ambassador Program will receive: 

  • Formal letter documenting program’s participation in Ambassador Program

  • Verification for PASA Log

  • Verification/recognition of Good Faith Effort activity

  • Trained Ambassadors able to conduct targeted recruitment at outreach events with the goal of a highly skilled and diverse workforce pool of candidates

Ambassador Requirements: 

  • Transportation to outreach event

  • Commitment to growing the diversity of the construction workforce

  • Commitment to attend two to three outreach events annually

  • Share outreach experience on Social Media

  • Recruit Ambassadors

  • Location: Outreach events across the State, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to participate in events most convenient to their location.

Apply Today:

Question? Contact Lin Carleton at or 425-235-2352x2217