Green Jobs Guidebook

This resource outlines employment opportunities in the new clean economy.

Green Jobs Career Pathways Guidebook

This guidebook offers a comprehensive description of green jobs and career ladders in the sectors of Water, Waste Management, Energy, Food Systems, Transportation, and Green Building.  It includes extensive details on 164 different jobs in the green economy.

Green Collar Jobs:  An Analysis of the Capacity of Green businesses to Provide High Quality Jobs for Men and Women with Barriers to Employment

This resource is a case study of Berkeley, California.   

2009 Washington State Green Economy Jobs Report

“This report presents the findings of the 2009 Green Jobs Survey, which provides the most comprehensive look yet at private-and public-sector green jobs in Washington state.  It also provides further evidence that, rather than a separate green economy, the existing economy is becoming increasingly green.” 

2008 Washington State Green Economy Jobs Report

“This report presents the findings of a survey of private-sector employers in Washington state. The goal of the survey was to identify the number and type of jobs in the state’s emerging green economy and to establish a baseline measure that can be used to track industry and job growth in Washington’s “green economy.””

Job Quality in the New Green Economy

Green jobs are not automatically good jobs. We have to make them so. This report begins to show how.

Re-Use Consulting

Bellingham-based company creating jobs through sustainable alternatives to demolition.  This website begins to show how its done.

Skills for Sustainability

This report was commissioned by the NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training who had the foresight to recognize that the skills policy response to climate change would become a pressing issue.

Study on Green Jobs by Environment and Energy Studies Institute

This resource outlines jobs from renewable energy and energy efficiency.   

US Metro Economies

This report outlines current and potential Green Jobs in the US Economy.