Sustainability Professional Development Workshop

January, 2011 This workshop included presentations on Composites, Waste Management, HVAC.

Composites Webinar

Powerpoint presentation on Composites Lifecycle by the Institute for Environmental Research and Education


Green CE, Inc., is an online resource for design professionals who want to learn about green building, sustainability, conservation, and how to create a healthy environment.  Their mission is to educate design professionals about environmental benefits, health benefits, and economic benefits when designing a building.

Green, Greener, Greenest Lecture Series

Are you confused by all the products and materials claiming to be GREEN? Because your reputation is on the line, choosing green isn’t enough, its predicting performance that counts. Learn strategies for choosing the right product for the job. To help explore and answer these questions, the Construction Center of Excellence (CCE) is proud to present the lecture series: “Green Greener Greenest:  Digging beneath the surface of green…and why it matters to the construction industry.” The lecture series is now available by clicking on the links below:

  • Building Science Knowing what you don't know: the critical link between building science and green building. Presented by Michael Aoki-Kramer, RDH Building Science, Inc.

  • Building Standards and Rating Systems Sustainable buildings that perform raise value and lower risk. Panel presentation by Aaron Adelstein, Executive Director, Green Built, Joseph Giampietro, AIA Johnson Braund Design Group Inc, Joel Sisolak, WA State Director, Cascadia Region Green Building Council, and Tom Balderston, Building Performance Consultant, Conservation Services Group. Moderated by Cate O'Dahl, Principal, ESP Services.

  • Building Codes People-ability, Planet-ability, Profit-ability and the new bottom line. Panel presentation by Tim Nogler, Mg. Director, WA State Building Code Council, Kim Drury, NW Energy Coalition Efficiency Works Coordinator, Vicki Colgan, Regional Coordinator, Sustainable Building, WA State Department of Ecology and Martha Rose, President, Martha Rose Construction. Moderated by Adrian Willanger, Founder of Eco-Redux.

  • Building Remodel and Historic Preservation Knowing when to hold-em and how to fold'em saves energy and resources. Panel presentation by Terry Gillis, Owner, Recovery One, Inc, Yvonne Kraus, Project Manager, O'Brien & Co, David Lockwood, President, Benchmark Recycling, Inc., Court Olson, Olympic Associates Company, Kurt Petrauskas, Founder of Earthwise, Inc. Building Salvage, and Ann Schussler, RAFN. Moderated by Rhoda Lawrence, Founding Principal, BOLA Architecture Planning and Planning.