Greg T. Mowat

Principal/Owner GTM Transformations LLC

Greg is currently a freelance consultant focused on organizational development/culture, dispute resolution, workforce utilization strategies, labor/management relations, negotiation mentoring/training/coaching, governmental relations, and organizational partnering.  He has degrees in mathematics (B.A. 1976, WWU) and Management (M.S. 1999, Antioch U. Seattle).  Greg worked in various positions in the Labor Movement with service trades unions from 1976 to 1991.  He served as Program Manager at the Washington State Dept. Of Labor & Industries for Employment Standards from 1991 to 2000 and was the first Labor Agreement Specialist at Sound Transit to administer the organization's Project labor Agreement 2000 to 2011.  Greg is a practicing mediator with the Interlocal Conflict Resolution Group and works with small business concerns.  Contact Greg at

Greg has extensive training and experience in labor/management relations, workforce utilization and inclusiveness, public procurement and prevailing wage, contract interpretation/compliance, organizational partnering/mediation/boundary management, facilitation, governmental relations and human dynamics. He currently serves as a commissioner for the Tacoma Housing Authority, chair of the Construction Center of Excellence Advisory Committee, and is a member of the Pierce County Construction Partnership.  He is also participating in the Procurement Reform activity at the Department of Enterprise Services newly created for contract procurement for Washington State.

Martha Rose

Owner, Martha Rose Construction

Martha Rose, known by many as the “Queen of Green,” is a national leader in the Green Building Movement.  She’s been involved with energy efficiency and sustainable building practices since the 1970s.  Martha Rose Construction leads the home building industry by building Green High- Performance Homes.  The energy crisis of the 1970s sparked her interest in conservation and alternative energy that became intertwined with her career in construction.  The necessary learning that goes along with this topic is deep and on-going. Ms. Rose is an educator as well as a spec home builder - pushing the industry towards zero-energy-use homes.  Contact her at:

Yancy Wright

Founder/CEO, Alternavida

In the last decade, Yancy has swiftly become a sought-after sustainable-building consultant, panelist and educator. Known for his collaborative approach and relentless pursuit of finding better ways to design and build, Yancy has helped identify strategies to achieve and exceed sustainable goals on 30 LEED projects for clients such as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, University of Washington, Pacific Lutheran University and Seattle Children’s Hospital.  His dedication to influence organizational change has resulted in the development of an industry-specific sustainability metric and a suite of green building best management practices designed to reduce environmental impact and improve business results. "All it takes is meeting Yancy for five minutes and it is evident that he doesn't have a job or even a career, he has a mission and a lifestyle that pervades each and every fiber of his mind, body and soul”, explains a Sellen co-worker.  Yancy earned his B.A. and M.A. degree in architecture from the University of Idaho and finished in 1999 with Pennsylvania State University in Rome, Italy.  In 2008 he served on Washington State Governor Gregoire’s Climate Action Committee, he’s currently an advisor to the local building and construction trades council, an Advisory Board Member at Seattle Vocational Institute, and an active member of the Cascadia Region Green Building Chapter of the USGBC.  Contact him at: