Regional Government

Workforce Development Councils serve as intermediates for their industry, labor, and education partners. Benton-Franklin Workforce Development Council The Benton-Franklin Workforce Development Council (WDC) is responsible for coordinating the local workforce development programs, coordinating activities of the local employment and training One-stop centers, establishing a youth council, negotiating local performance standards, and developing a local workforce investment plan.

Eastern Washington Partnership Eastern Washington Partnership (EWP) Workforce Development Council designs and administers a workforce development system to meet the needs of employers, workers, job seekers, and youth in Ferry, Pend, Oreille, Garfield Stevens, Lincoln, Whitman, Columbia, Walla Walla and Asotin counties.

North Central Partnership The North Central Partnership offers unemployed and low skilled workers the opportunity to learn the skills employers want. At the Learning Centers in Wenatchee, Moses Lake, Othello and Brewster, SkillSource teaches workplace basics in cooperation with school districts, community colleges and employers. The NCP serves the Okanogan, Chelan, Douglas, Adams and Grant Counties. Northwest Workforce Development Council The Northwest Workforce Development Council, serving Island, San Juan, Skagit and Whatcom Counties, is dedicated to creating a skilled, successful workforce aligned to the needs of business and industry.

Olympic Workforce Development Area The Olympic Workforce Development Council works in partnership with the nine county commissioners of the Olympic Consortium Board to provide policy guidance and program oversight for the WIA activities within the service delivery area of Kitsap, Clallam and Jefferson Counties.

Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Area The Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council works to increase employment, job retention, and earnings of participants. It is also dedicated to increase occupational skill attainment by participants, improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the region. The Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Area is comprised of Grays Harbor, Mason, Thurston, Pacific and Lewis counties.

Pierce County Construction Partnership The Pierce County Construction Partnership is a business led, industry specific board. The Partnership is a collaborative endeavor to promote the industry, address construction workforce issues, and raise awareness of careers and training opportunities in Pierce County, Washington

Snohomish County Workforce Development Council The goals of the Snohomish County Workforce Development Council are to identify current and future industry-specific employment and skills training needs and to create or expand options for job growth and training in the County to meet these needs.

Southwest Washington Workforce Development Area The Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council provides leadership and resources to increase economic development with a trained and productive workforce in Clark, Cowlitz, and Wahkiakum Counties.

Spokane Area Workforce Development Council The Spokane Area Workforce Development Council is dedicated to lead a dynamic, demand-driven workforce system and to create innovative workforce solutions for the Spokane Region.

South Central Workforce Council South Central Workforce Council's mission is to establish, maintain, and improve a customer driven workforce system to increase skills, employment, job retention, and earnings resulting in a quality workforce, enhanced productivity, and profitability of Workforce Area businesses. It is also known as the Yakima Department of Employment & training and serves Yakima, Kittitas, Klickitat, and Skamania counties.

Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County The Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County focuses on serving the needs ofsurrounding businesses and employers throughout the county. It also plays a major role in convening industry, education and labor leaders around industry-specific issues and finding solutions to the problems identified by the partners.

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