2018–2019 Externship Project

Back-to-Industry Opportunity for Instructors and Deans

The Construction Center of Excellence collaborates with the Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing and Technology to facilitate opportunities for instructors and deans to spend time in industry.  These externships are designed around the schedule of the industry host and interested party.

The 2018-2019 Externship Project is intended to provide professional technical teaching faculty, I-BEST basic skills co-instructors, and deans the opportunity to enter the industries for which they are preparing their students for a period ranging from two days to one week. The externship will allow instructors to become aware of the core knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the STEM-focused 21st century workforce with a sustainability and technology theme.

What are the goals of The Externship Project?

  1. Facilitate opportunities for faculty and deans to experience Construction, Marine Manufacturing & Technology first hand, and take those experiences back to the classroom and lab.

  2. Provide insights into the demands and challenges of the 21st century work environment, by providing a platform where faculty and deans may learn about, and experience relevant industry technologies and processes; best practices; and emergent trends in a live industry setting. Participants will then utilize that experience by embedding it into existing or new curriculum and sharing with system colleagues.

  3. Foster education and business partnerships to enrich classroom and lab content.

  4. Provide a capstone professional development event at the Island Wood Retreat Center. Externship participants will share the curriculum they’ve developed as a result of the Externship with system colleagues. Industry subject matter experts will deliver workshops on industry driven sustainability from the perspective of emerging technologies and best practices.

There are four to six externship opportunities available this year:

  • Two or more for Construction

  • Two or more for Marine Manufacturing & Technology

  • Externship participants will be matched with a company in their college service district unless participant chooses otherwise.

Advisory Board/Employer Engagement Best Practices

Often programs struggle with the development of a robust and effective advisory board/committee.  With the help of experts on the topic and samples from various colleges we have developed a toolkit that includes a presentation from our recent Advisory Board Employer Engagement Seminar, Best Practices on Employer Engagement, Sample invitation letters and templates for your use: