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2017 Construction Career Days

  • Spokane County Fairgrounds 404 N Havana St #1 Spokane, WA 99202 (map)

2017 Construction Career Days are being held at the Spokane County Fairgrounds. This year’s theme “We Build America. What will You Build?" The men and women in the construction industry built this county from the ground up – learn how you can become part of that industry.

Interactive High School Career Events for the Construction Industry

Designed to inspire Washington high school students toward construction careers, Construction Career Days 2016 invites the students to participate! As one of our country’s largest industries, the construction trades are facing a shortage of skilled workers. If not addressed, this shortage will increase. It will affect quality, safety, and the industry’s overall ability to compete in building the infrastructure needed by an ever-growing population. These events addresses the need to educate young people about the tremendous opportunities available in the construction industry.

Outdoor Heavy Equipment
Students are encouraged to operate rigs, tools, and equipment.

Indoor Hands-On Construction Activities
Students can try their hand at activities such as laying mortar on brick, survey map reading, or running a crane simulator.

Indoor Information
Students will be exposed to local Educational Programs, Industry Associations, Apprenticeship Training Programs, and Federal Trainee Programs, etc. These organizations offer short sessions about their programs and support services.

Too many students leave high school without an idea of what kind of jobs or careers are available in today’s job market. Construction Career Days are an innovative workforce development tool designed to provide high school students with hands-on exposure to diverse and growing careers, and to provide employers with a pipeline of professionals for tomorrow.

Through interactive exhibits students will discover the technical skills required to be successful and learn about internships, registered apprenticeships, training resources and careers in:

  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Transportation