Lee Newgent

Lee Newgent began his career as an apprentice with the Ironworkers Local 86. He has worked as a foreman, general foreman, and superintendent. Newgent has worked at his trade in five different countries including the continent of Antarctica.

Newgent has been active in the disaster response community. He serves as the Labor Co-Chair of the Fire Incident Response Skilled Trades (FIRST) Committee in partnership with the Seattle Fire Department. He was also a volunteer for the Ironworkers at the World Trade Center and other disaster sites.

He is currently the Executive Secretary of the Washington State Building Trades Council. Lee represents 100,000 union craft workers in Washington State.

Newgent is the Chairman of the Washington State Apprenticeship Council. He has been recognized as an industry leader in recruiting and retaining women and people of color.

He also serves on the Washington State Workforce Board and King County Workforce Development Council Executive Board. Newgent is the founder of the PACE (Pre Apprenticeship & Construction Education) Program for the Washington Building Trades.

He also works with local anti-gang programs and coaches sports in the inner city.