Cindy Gaudio

1981: Began piledriver apprenticeship

Worked on the West Seattle bridge throughout my apprenticeship. My employer was Peter Kiewit.  I switched to the Carpenters union around 1992.  I continued to build bridges around the Seattle area.  I think that I have helped build about 20 bridges in the area.  I worked 18 years for Peter Kiewit.  I have worked with a couple of other companies too.

I have been a lead carpenter on many crews as well as a foreman.  One of the jobs I am most proud of is the Royal Brougham train station, because my crew was made up of mostly women.  We had a femaleoperator, a female carpenter apprentice & 3 female journeyman carpenters on the crew!

2007–2012: Instructor at the King County Carpenters Training Center

2011:Local 30 Union delegate

2012–2013: back out in the field building the pontoons for 520 floating bridge

2013–2014: Instructor at SeaTac Carpenters Training Center

2014: Trustee for Local 30

2014–Current:  Carpenter Training Coordinator