Ann Avary

Director, NW Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology

Ann Avary has served as Director of the NW Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology since November 2006.  During that time, she has conducted four statewide workforce studies with Washington State University and has been involved with groups in support of the high demand maritime workforce of Washington State.  She also serves as Chair for the Marine League of Schools, a national consortium of marine technology education providers.  Avary has been directly involved in embedding standards based curriculum in the marine technology programs in Washington State. As Principal Investigator for the Composites Recycling Technician Education Program, she is taking a leadership role in introducing sustainability and sustainable technologies to community and technical college programs.  When not working, Ann can be found spending time with her family and pursuing amateur cartography and very amateur gardening.

Shana Peschek, M.B.A.

Shana Peschek, M.B.A.

Director, Construction Center of Excellence

As director of the Construction Center of Excellence, Shana links industry to the community college system in Washington State for the purpose of coordinating education and training efforts to build a competitive workforce in a global economy.   With four priorities: Economic Development, Industry Sector Strategy, Workforce Supply and Demand, and Education, Innovation and Efficiency, the Center is positioned to sustain Washington’s competitive advantage through statewide leadership. 

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