Supplemental Resources for Electrical Courses

Fundamentals of Electricity and Advanced Electrical are required courses in the Commercial Building and Industrial Engineering programs at Renton Technical College. The textbook for these courses is Electrical Principles & Practices, Third Edition by Glen A. Mazur and Peter A. Zurlis (copyright 2007 by American Technical Publishers, Inc.: ISBN 978-0-8269- 1803-1). The book comes with a CD of additional resources, and there is an accompanying workbook which also has a CD. These are excellent resources, and the students are encouraged to use them to help with their studies. 

During class discussions and lab work, however, the instructor and students often bring up additional points and questions. We have compiled the following list of supplemental resources that may be used to enhance class discussions and to give students additional ways of understanding the material presented in the textbook and classroom activities. Most of the supplemental resources are available online, including images, definitions and explanations, news articles, and videos.