Computer Fundamentals

Course Overview

Computer Fundamentals & Lab is a required (6 credit) course in both the Commercial Building Engineering and Industrial Engineering programs at Renton Technical College. It is a one quarter course that meets for a total of 96 hours.

This course provides an introduction to the hardware, operating systems, and application programs used by stationary engineers.

  • Course Summary
  • Course Supplemental Online Resource 

Course Materials

Lesson One: Accessing Online Information

  • Lesson Plan, Accessing online information
  • RTC web site (handout)

Lesson Two: Accessing Online Information, U.S. Constitution

  • Lesson Plan
  • Accessing Online Information
  • U.S. Constitution
  • U.S. Constitution Online (handout)

Lesson Three: How the Internet Works

  • Lesson Plan, How the Internet Works
  • Internet Terminology (handout)
  • How the Internet Works (handout)

Lesson Four: Cloud Computing

  • Lesson Plan, Intro to Cloud Computing
  • Intro to Cloud Computing (handout)

Lesson Five: Computer Hardware

  • Lesson Plan, Intro to Computer Hardware
  • Computer Hardware (handout)

Lesson Six: Word Processing Assignment, Work Experience

  • Lesson Plan, Word Processing Project, Work Experience
  • Word Processing Project, Work Experience (Instructions)
  • Word Processing Project, Work Experience (grading rubric)

Lesson Seven: Research and Demonstration Project

  • Lesson Plan, Research and Demonstration (R&D)Project
  • Two: R & D Project Instructions
  • Three: R & D Project Plan (form)
  • Four: R & D Project Plan (example)
  • Five: R & D Project Demonstration Summary
  • Six: R & D Project Rubric

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