I.T. and Mechatronics DACUM

This DACUM (Develop A Curriculum) asks, “Within the setting of a typical construction site in the Pacific Northwest what are the core I.T.-related skills that are carried out on a typical work site by the whole spectrum of trades, site foremen and site managers?” 

In thinking about how the workplace has changed in construction with the increasing dominance of information tracking and communication technology, it appears that whatever trade one might be working in, certain core I.T. skills have become basic requirements on most job sites. Ten years ago what was then thought to be advanced I.T. skills have become the basic skills today. A person's career advancement and growth is very much dependent on whether or not he/she has a foundational knowledge and skill set in information technology and whether or not they continue to learn and update their skills.

The chart included in this DACUM summarizes the profile of typical I.T.-related tasks that most construction workers carry out on a regular basis.


Leadership Responsibilities DACUM

This DACUM (Develop A Curriculum) is a detailed profile of the leadership responsibilities expected of a lead journeyman, foreman or lead contractor on a typical construction project in the Pacific Northwest. The DACUM is intended to be used as the foundational working documents for ongoing curriculum development for a certificate in Leadership Development. It is the intention of the Construction Center of Excellence to support the development of this certificate and to make it available to the Washington community and technical college system to offer to experienced journeymen and others who wish to move into leadership positions.