Brand Guide & Materials

Effective marketing starts with a great brand. Here you'll find logos, patterns, fonts, and other elements of the Washington Registered Apprenticeship brand. Download the brand standards guide to learn how to use the brand elements. 

Or, if you're in a hurry, download all of the brand materials:

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When most people think of a brand, they think of a logo. Yet the logo is just the nucleus of an entire brand experience. As you’ll see, there are many other elements to an effective brand. Our goal was to create a logo that solidly positions our brand in the state of Washington, while remaining industry-agnostic so that the logo can represent apprenticeship programs from healthcare to construction. Other design considerations included a simple color palette and a design that looks great in any size or form, from a tiny social network thumbnail to a 10-foot trade show banner.



Color is powerful when setting a mood, so we selected a palette of colors that tie the brand to the Pacific Northwest. We paired the primary blue and green with a bright set of accent colors to invoke a friendly and current feeling.

Download the brand color specifications.

WA Apprenticeship Color Specs.png

Gradient Pattern

Pattern reinforces the brand colors and creates a familiar graphic element that can be used to link marketing materials. We chose a subtle hexagon pattern to represent the connection that apprenticeship makes between employers, educators, and job seekers. The honeycomb shape can also evoke the collective work of a group of individuals. By combining colors in our palette, we’ve created a range of gradient patterns that can be used to create a unified style across any medium.

Download the patterns for:



Using Font Awesome 5, Icofont, and our own illustrations, we created over 60 icons that represent three major categories: people, careers, and concepts. 

Download all icons in blue and green.